Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games

  • Since SETS ended:
    - Relationships between TSG have multiplied and intensified.
    - Self consciousness of TSG-organisations has increased.

  • Conclusions SETS-conferences:
    A. The enormous diversity of TSG in Europe is a trump but also a challenge for working together. (due to differences in accommodation, ambition, language, ... )
    B. It is necessary for all children to get to know their local traditional sport. Schools are the best instrument to reach this goal.
    C. Traditional sports need recognition by local, regional and national authorities.
    D. TSG-associations should work together in umbrella organisations, both at national and European level. 

  • Reccomendations SETS-participants to the EU:
    1. We recommend the EU to support a structure at European level to identify and disseminate TSG.
    2. We recommend the EU to create a "Day of European traditional sports and games".
    3. We recommend the EU to advise EU-countries to implement the promotion of TSG in their sports policy.