Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


This section  provides three submenus (one for every conference) with more information about the conference content and participants.

The agenda of  the conferences was as following:

- Introduction of their organisation by every participant.

- The situation of traditional sports and games in their community

- Strengths and weaknesses of traditional sports and games.

- Future cooperation when the SETS project ended.

- Recommendations towards the European Union.


For each of the three conferences a maximum 16 participants (one per organisation) out of that region were invited. The conferences took place in:

Amsterdam (Wed 19/11 - Fri 21/11/2014): for traditional sports out of The Netherlands, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern-Ireland, Denmark, and Germany.

Vilnius (Wed 04/02 – Fri 06/02/2015): for traditional sports out of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Poland.

Martfü (Wed 04/03 – Fri 06/03/2015): for traditional sports out of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Greece.