Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games



Figure: A girl who is ready to move the ball with a wooden shovel

Website: Nederlandse Beugel bond -


Figure: Blubberracing, a traditional race through muds and dikes.


Figure: Bukschieten is a shooting sport with a traditional character. Often played with traditional costumes, Also known in certain regions within Belgium.  

Website: Noordbrabantse Federatie van Schuttersgilden -


  Figure: Jumping as far as possible over a ditch with a pole. 

  Website: Friese fierljeppers bond -

Figure: A girl is catching the ball with here hand

Website: Koninklijke Nederlandse Kaatsbond -


Figure: The muskets keep shooting competitions in traditional costumes. Also famous in Germany, Belgium, and Austria.

Website: European Community of historic guilds -   

             Europese Gemeenschap van Historische schuttersgilden - 



Figure: Icesailing, a traditional sport popular in the Netherlands.


Figure: klootschieten is a throwing sport where participants, usually divided into two teams, try to throw a weighted ball (the kloot) as far as possible. This sport is also popular in Ireland (road bowling), Germany (klootschiessen), and Italy.

Website: Nederlandse Klootschietbond -



Figure: Demonstration of Kolven, a game played with a wooden stick and a ball

Website: Koninklijke Nederlandse Kolfbond - 


kruisboogschieten nl

Figure: Shooting with traditional crossbows to the target.

Website: Nederlandse Kruisboog bond NKB -


  Figure: A lady who rolls the round, popular game in Belgium (Flanders).  

  website: Nederlandse krulbolverenigingen 

muurkaatsen nl

Figure: muurkaatsen or one wall handball, a sport in which players use their hands to hit a small rubber ball against a wall so that it bounces off in such a way that their opponent can not return it.  



ringrijden nl

Figurea man puls his lance through the ring while riding horse. This traditional sports is also known in Germany and Denmark.


Figure: schoonrijden requires a special technique in which an ice skater makes curves in a  fluid motion across the width of the track.


Figure: A shuffleboard, the board you need to play the game.

Website: Algemene Nederlandse Sjoelbond -



Figure:skûtsjesilen, a technical teamsport in which 10 to 14 crew members are sailing a 100 year old sailship or "skûtsje" on small water. 



  Figure: Longbow archery vertical pole, popular in Belgium (Flanders). 

  Website: Nederlandse bond van wipschutters -



Figure: A horse short course steeple race on grass. An annual event in Stompwijk since 1909.