Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games

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horseback archery poland

Figure: The archer shoots with a bow while riding from horseback. A traditional sports also know in Hungary, England, Sweden, Finland, and Germany.

Website: Polish Archery Horseback Association - 


Figure: people trying to hit the kapela (a small pyramid made from stones) with a stone. 

Figure: This sport is similar to baseball. You  hit the ball with a 'palant'.

Website: LKS Schlagball team Cyprzanow - -

Figure: Childeren playing Ringball, a sport reconstructed by the department of Olympism and Ethnology of Sport, University School of Physical Educations in Poland. 



Figure: a player is trying to catch the ring 

Website: International Ringo federation -


Figure: Polish Championships Sztekiel, a game similar to English tip-cat