Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games

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Figure: Camogie, the female version of Hurling 

Website: The Camogie Association -



Figure: Kick passing in Gaelic Football

Website: Gaelic Athletic Association -




gaa handball

Figure: Hitting a ball with a hand or fist against a wall.

Website: GAA Handball - 



Figure:horseshoes and throwing targets, the materials necessary to play horseshoes

Organisation: Horseshoe Pitchers association of Ireland.


Figure: A men is focusing himself on touching the ball (sliator) with a hurley.

Website: Gaelic Athletic Association -



Figure: A man tries to throw a metal ball as far as possible. This traditional sport is also known in certain region within the Netherlands (klootschieten), Germany (klootschiessen), and Italy. 

Website: Irish Road Bowling Association/ Boll Chumann na hEireann - 




Figure: Demonstration of Rounders, a bat and ball game different from baseball.

Website: GAA Rounders -