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Figure: Bukschieten is a shooting sport with a traditional character. Often played with traditional costumes, Also known in certain regions within the Netherlands.  

Website: Federatie van Vlaamse Historische Schuttersgilden -


Figure: A man who rolls the ball towards a stake

Figure: The balls (krulbollen) are only half the size of the normal bolls. As well they are flatter. 


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Figure: blocks at the end of a sloping alley have to be knocked down by bowls.


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golf klein

Figure: A variaton of normal biljart, played between two players or teams 

Website: Belgische golfbiljartbond -


Figure: The muskets keep shooting competitions in traditional costumes. Also famous in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Website: European Community of historic guilds -   

             Federatie van Vlaamse Historische Schuttersgilden -


Figure: player tries to hit the ball with his palm, popular in Wallonia (balle pelote), but different from Fries kaatsen (The Netherlands).

Website: Kaatsentiteit Vlaanderen v.z.w. -


Figure: man and woman stretching the catapult, a small hand-powered projectile weapon. 

Website: Vlaamse katapultbond -

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Figure: A woman tries to throw the skittles down with a ball. The games is usually played with nine skittles. The alley differs from region to region.

Website: Vlaamse kegelsport federatie -

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Figure: The shooter points with a carabine diagonally upon a target (size of a 2 euro coin). 

Website: Schuttersverstandshouding Zand-Leemstreek -

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Figure: A ball game played between two teams of four players. 

Website: Vlaamse krachtbal federatie - 


  Figure: A lady who rolls the round.  

  websiteBelgische Krulbolbond

Figure: A boy shooting at the horizontal rake.

Figure: A row of horizontal rakes. 

WebsiteVlaamse Boogsportfederatie Liggende Wip vzw 

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Figure: a man throws a disk to a pole (the 'paap') from 8 meters. 

Figure: The materials for 'paapgooien' are some disks , a pole (the 'paap'), and coins.

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Figure: Longbow archery vertical pole. 

WebsiteKoninklijke Nationale bond der Belgische Wipschutter

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Figure: Trabol is played on a long hollow lane of 18 meter. 

Website: West-Vlaamse Trabolders federatie -

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