Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


The second meeting concerning the 2017 European TSG-project can be called succesfull.  During the meeting, perfectly hosted by Sport Fryslan, al lot of progress was made. Not only on the gathering of information about TSG-organisations out of the whole of Europe and on the gathering and presentation of good TSG-practices.  Especially on the vision about how the platform should work, the progress was indispensable.  The participants agreed - with the help of the text prepared by VlaS -  on most aspects of the functioning of the platform.  A vision, goals and actions were defined.  During two evenings, Sport Fryslan made us participate in two Frysian games: keatsen and skutsjesilen.  This helped us remember what all our theoretical discussions are all about. On the photo below you can recognize from the left to the right: Trea Tamminga (Sport Fryslan), Jorma Savola (Finnish Baseball Association), Jean-Francois Laurent (Tafisa), Anne-Jochum de Vries (Sport Fryslan), Finn Berggren (Gerlev), Wolfgang Baumann (Tafisa), Giulia de Santis (Figest), Hein Comeyne (VlaS), Malgorzate Bronikowska (Poznan Univ), Wim Florijn (Tafisa), Jorge de Carvalho (Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sport).  It was a pity that Guy Jaouen, president of the European Traditional Sports and Games Association could not attend the meeting. (HC)
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