Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


Budapest, 14th to 16th of October 2015. VlaS-coordinator Hein Comeyne was very active during the 24ste Tafisa World Congress. The subject of the congress : “Sport for All: The Ultimate Legacy”. Plenary sessions and parallel sessions followed each other during three well filled days. The theme was discussed and explained fully. The organiser – Tafisa (The Association For International Sport for All) hoped to get answers to the next questions:
• How to create early positive sports experiences for children?
• How to integrate physical activity into every day live?
Representatives out of many countries of all continents shared their best experiences, research and insights. The only language used was English. Traditional sports and games came regularly within the attention:
- Through the invitation for the World Sports for All Games in Jakarta – Indonesia. They have a lot of attention for the rich diversity of traditional sports and games in Indonesia and will invite traditional sports and games from over the entire world.
- Also there were presentations about the success of two regional traditional sports centres in Denmark and India.
- Friesland (The Netherlands) explained the ambition to promote traditional sports through a big event as the ‘European Sport for all games in Leeuwarden 2018’.
The VlaS-coordinator got acquaintance with many interesting persons and organisations. This gives us renewed hope to start projects that will help support the active practice of traditional sports. As well in Flanders as in Europe and worldwide.

Hereby a link to a well selected photo-album which gives a good idea about the goings of the Tafisa World Congress.

Photo: VlaS-coördinator Hein Comeyne informs Tafisa-president Ju Ho Chang about the project 'Festivalwip'.
Tafisa Budapest2015 Hein Dag3bis