Strengthening European Traditional Sports

Building a network to strengthen European traditional sports and games


In the beginning of February our second conference in Vilnius (Lithuania) occurred. We welcomed twenty attendees in hotel holiday inn Vilnius. In total eighteen different organisations of traditional sports and games were represent, mostly out of North-East Europe.

The organization went smoothly, thanks to the help of  the Lithuania's National Wrestling Federation. They helped with the practical aspects of the conference. The meeting excisted out of three parts: presentations of the represented associations, presentation of the conference topics followed by a discussion and a seminar on  the last day. These seminar is opened by Vytautas Vainnys, Deputy director general of the department of physical education and sport under the government of the republic of Lithuania. Also two other Lithuanian experts (Gintautas Vileita and Thomas Gerve) in the field of traditional Lithuanian wrestling were invited to speak on the seminar. VlaS presented the conclusions of this second SETS-conference based on  the discussions we did on the previous day. 



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photo: grouppicture of the second SETS conference in Vilnius



photo (from left to right): Vytautas Vainys (Deputy director general of the department of physical education and sport of the republic of Lithuania), Hein Comeye (coordinator VlaS), Arturas Vileita (president Lithuania's National Wrestling Federation) and Gintautas Vileita (president United World Wrestling's, World Belt Wrestling Committee).